Company Profile

M2 is one of the electrostatic treatment and painting of spectacle frames. Founded in 1991 by the Menia brothers, who had been in the business for more than twenty years, they can now handle all the finishing processes, from the rough frame throgh the various intermediate treatment stages.


By combining with various specialist firms, M2 has created a group which is aimed at the continuous study of innovative research and development in order to supply theire clientele with specific, made-to-measure solutions. The colouring methods are the fruit of experience and keeping in step with the fashion trends.


There is a continuous evolution in technique and production which is the stage which is becoming more and more important in a phase such as painting in the presentation of the product.


Now, as well as meeting the requirements of the Clients quickly and satisfactorily from a quality point of view, M2 is able to plan solution, for treatments and painting when presented with a specific project, so avoinding delays in the execution of the final samples improving the traditional procedure of research and execution.