Company Profile

Starting from the basic painting, there are numerous possibilities of colour/combination and matching: gold-palladium, nickel, tin-ruthenium-rhodium-black-gold; thanks to the expertise and the experience of the technicians you can, expecially on particular modes, create some true "jewels".


As well as the classic basic electrolysis, you can have painting with antique effects and not, with opaline effects and as shades of colours. To these one can combine a series of colours applied manually, with a spray, using filters and special masks thus obtaining really effective and picturesque shades.


To meet really unique and specific requirements enamel decorations are applied by hand, that in fact represent the most prestigious and artistic creation among the ones normally known.


In order to meet for new colours and the needs of reproductions and effects not possible through traditional spray painting, M2 has created within their organisation, a production line of Transfer Sheets, offering the possibility of obtainning a range of exciting results, in a very short time.